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So here’s a little introduction about me, who I am, and how my fitness journey begun.

I spent most of my childhood being active, playing sports. Being in sports team and also being the team captain for Netball and Hockey.

I spent most of my childhood dressed as a ‘Tomboy’

Yes that’s right, I know it’s funny now, but back in them days it wasn't.

I then moved onto studying further in Sports and Fitness Studies.

I completed my Education and hold a Degree in BA (Hons) Sports and Fitness Studies.

My Dissertation was based on ‘Cultural Barriers to Exercise for Bangladeshi Women’

The reason I chose my Dissertation on this specific topic was because of cultural barriers Asian women faced everyday regarding an active lifestyle, and taking care of their physical and mental well-being, and yes to date I still believe it exists, and I personally went through these challenges myself.

There have been many improvements over the years, but there are still room for more.

Our childhood shapes us, to be the person we become.

Mine has definitely shaped me. The ‘determination’ I had since childhood to make a difference within the Asian community about sports, fitness, health and well-being.

The determination, to succeed in my dreams, to follow my vision, and to this day I am still passionate about.

I have over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.

I am currently working as a Self Employed Personal Trainer, at my own Fitness Studio based in Bedford, helping people improve their physical and mental well-being, through fitness, nutrition and self care routine.

I specialise in Women’s Health and Wellbeing.

I run Group Exercise Classes, Small Group PT sessions, 1-2-1 PT sessions and Online PT services too, via my own Branded Fitness App.

I train women online from all over the world including in India and Pakistan.

For more information follow my website and stay up to date with the latest updates, tips and blogs.

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