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Yasmin Haque Life Coaching

Life Coaching is all about helping you make better lifestyle choices, implementing positivity helping you stay active, eat a nutritional balanced diet, supporting you along your journey, helping you to stay motivated, which can become overwhelming at times.

Why Life Coaching is Important

As a Personal Trainer I have come across many clients where after 12 weeks of training they lose motivation, or they haven't seen results and give up, or they are bouncing off from one trainer to another thinking they will do better, yet not seeing any results.

Unfortunately from years of experience I have discovered where many people have been going wrong, therefore I am now offering a service which helps my clients understand their journey. It's not just about exercise and restricting calorie intake, but teaching my clients how to keep the weight off long term, and how they can overcome obstacles, such as when they are feeling demotivated.

With my life coaching package. it teaches my clients to be happy and productive and see results in the long term than a quick fix short term achievement.

With the package my clients are taught how to set goals, how to celebrate small achievements, how to adapt their training when it's not working for them and, how to implement positive affirmations, and learn how to overcome barriers and live a happy health life.

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