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How Often Do You Mobilise Your Joints?
Joint care - Mobilise Your JointsMobility exercises everyday helps to improve the range of motion (ROM) of your joints. It also reduces risks of strains and sprains.Mobility exercises have been neglected by many. It is something I implement with all ...
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Taking That First Step
Have you ever wanted to lose weight, but always stopped yourself as you didn't feel comfortable training in the gym or around people, or because you were subconcscious of who was watching you, who might be staring at you or who is laughing at yo...
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5 Top Tips to Lose Weight
Hey Everyone!I'm back again with my fitness blog!I have had many ask me how to lose weight.It's one of the most common asked questions I receive along with 'how to lose belly fat'So to help you, I have decided to put together my 5...
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