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How Often Do You Mobilise Your Joints?

Joint care - Mobilise Your Joints

Mobility exercises everyday helps to improve the range of motion (ROM) of your joints. It also reduces risks of strains and sprains.

Mobility exercises have been neglected by many. It is something I implement with all my clients and on myself too.

Many people who I have come across, have limited mobility around their joints, they suffer from joint pain with slight, minimal movements.

Why might you have reduced mobility around your joints?

Please do speak to your GP prior to doing any form of physical activity/exercises. If you have been inactive for a long time or recovering from an injury, surgery or illness or have other medical issues.

Some reasons could be due to arthritis however always speak to your GP first.

Other reasons for restricted mobility could be due to a previous injury that was ignored, or lack of exercise.

Just like a door hinge gets rusty, and needs WD40 so do our joints. We need to keep our joints lubricated, not with WD40 of course, but release bodies natural glucosamine. Our bodies make a very small amount, so check with your GP or health professional and do ask about glucosamine supplements.

One of the quickest and easiest way to prevent rusty joints is to mobilise your joints daily. Why not get in the routine and do mobility exercises everyday? You can choose to do them first thing in the morning, afternoon and before bedtime and see how your body functions on day to day activities. I prefer doing them first thing in the morning to awaken my muscles and joints.

What does mobility exercises do for your body?

If you don't regularly mobilise your joints you may find you strain or sprain easily, you may find you suffer from joint aches and pains, which can also lead to muscle aches and pains on doing simple day to day tasks. It can also be a reason why you injure very easily.

How to do mobility exercises:

You should aim to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions (reps) of each mobility exercises daily.

Most of these exercises can be done in standing or seated positions, some even lying down positions.


In a seated or standing position.

Start from looking straight ahead, look left, slowly look forward then turn and look right.

Repeat 10 times.


In a seated or standing position.

Shoulder circles - lift arm up to the side and draw a big circle, clockwise, 10 times, repeat anti-clockwise 10 times, then repeat on the other side.

Shoulder shrugs - keep your shoulder neutral, lift your shoulders up and down. Repeat 10 times. This also helps relieve any tension around your neck and Trapezius muscle.


Preferably in a standing position.

Start with feet hips width apart.

Hip circles - Rotate your hips clockwise ten times, repeat anticlockwise 10 times.


Pelvic circles - It is important to mobilise pelvic region and also include Pelvic Floor Exercises (PFE) to strengthen your pelvic muscles.

Stand with feet hips width apart, lift one knee up and turn knee 90° towards your side. Repeat 10 times and then on the other side too.


Ankle injuries are quiet common. Again it comes down to how often you mobilise your ankles. Such as; before a run, before playing football, or part of your warm up. Let's say you're not used to wearing heels, and struggle to balance in your heels (I know I do) if your ankle was not mobilised regularly, then chances are if you lose balance, you can easily strain, sprain and break your ankle. By doing regular ankle exercises this will prevent an injury.

Ankle circles - This can be done in a seated or standing position, even when lying down.

Do 10 ankle circles clockwise and 10 anticlockwise, repeat on other side.

Plantar dorsiflexion - again it is important if you're a regular runner or wear heels everyday. This helps to prevent pain in the sole of your feet, calf muscles, runners knee or shin pains.

Again this can be done in seated, standing or lying down positions.

Point your toes towards the ceiling, then point down towards the floor, repeat 10 times and on the other ankle too.


Knee pains are quite common, and it is a joint constantly under immense pressure. To strengthen your knee it is recommended doing regular knee extension exercises.

Leg extension/kick forward - this can be done in a seated or standing position. Kick forward, toes pointing towards ceiling, lower your leg down, and repeat 10 times. This is the only time you kind of lock your knees to strengthen them, although generally you keep a slight bent on your joints in any forms of exercise.

Leg curls/kickbacks - again it is important to strengthen your knee and work muscles running towards the back of the knee.

This can be done in a lying down position or standing position. Start with feet hips width apart. Kick leg back, heel towards your buttocks. Repeat 10 times and on the other leg too.


Elbow joint can be aggravated if not taken care of. This can be done in a standing or seated position.

Triceps kick back - This is the only time you kind of lock your elbows to strengthen it. In all other forms of exercise, always keep your elbows slightly bent.

Start with elbows curled 90° in a Bicep curl and kickback your forearm/hand, repeat 10 times, and on the other side too.

Rotate radius and ulna (forearm) - Brachioradialis muscle which runs from your forearm to the back of your elbow, you may find your elbow joint hurts regularly and is strained.

This one mobility exercise will help ease any joint aches and pains around your elbow.

This can be done in a seated or standing position. Face your palms forward, then turn and face your palms backward. Repeat 10 times.

Wrist & Fingers:

Open and close palm, repeat 10 times.

Wrist circles, 10 circles clockwise and repeat anticlockwise.


It's not easy to mobilise your spine as it has very restricted movement. However back extension exercise, will be a useful mobility exercise for the lower back and oblique twists in slow controlled manner will help to slightly mobilise your upper and mid back.

Oblique stretches - Imagine holding a big ball, this can be done in a standing or seated position, slowly turn to your right, hold it for couple of seconds, then slowly bring it forward and turn to your left, repeat 10 times.


Some supplements may be beneficial for you, please speak to your GP or health professionals prior to taking any as medical issues and medications can counteract.

Omega 3 Fish oil

Cod liver oil


Vitamin D




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